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Camino de Santiago Accommodation: Hostal Restaurante La Torre
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It has a rather run-down riverside garden. Pilgrims report varying prices, but it seems that singles are usually 18€ with shared bath, 20€ with private bath. A friendly smile may get you a private bath for 18. The menú del día in the restaurant (not the bar in front of it) is reported excellent.

To continue on the Camino the next day from the Torre, simply go down the Calle Chao de Marco a few hundred meters until you reach the road to Quereño and turn right to cross the bridge.

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Camino de Santi... (not verified) said:

Ask for peregrino room in the bar, rate is €18 for ok single room. No English except Carlos who was extremely helpful and called pension in A Rua for me to make reservation.