1.20km → Noceda → 8.70km → A Capela dos Remedios
To Santiago: 
The Road: 

As you climb the road from the abandoned club, ignore the mojon which directs you to the left (and downward) to Noceda. Instead, follow the painted green signs upwards. Continue another 2km.

The camino makes a pair of sharp turns, doubling back on itself (first right then left) to gain altitude. Be on the lookout for the first turn just before km 26.

From that turn, the camino makes more turns and eventually crosses the LU-5005. From here it crosses over the peak and begins it's descent down the other side. It will again approach the LU-5005 but turns to the left just before.

There is another YELLOW/WHITE trail, the PR-G 141, which should be ignored.

Photo of Noceda on the Camino de Santiago
Photo of Noceda on the Camino de Santiago