→ 1.20 → Bendillo → 0.40km → ◁ downhill

To end of camino
The Road

As you enter Bendilló, you will see a community olive-press, and the Ermita das Farrapas. At this point, you are still 1.5 km from the church in town. Turn right here and go up through Bendilló. Go through town and then down steeply on a dirt track towards the national highway N-120.

When you reach the highway, the arrows point you up a steep hill alongside the road. If you ignore that arrow, and merely cross and walk along the highway, you will enter Soldón at an earlier point. If you do follow the arrows up the short steep hill, you will avoid highway walking. When you descend to the highway near Soldón, you can either backtrack a little to your left (where you will see older arrows that will take you into Soldón) or cross the highway as the newer arrows instruct. The arrows will then take you along the road for a little longer and then into Soldón.


Camino de Sant… (not verified)

There is potable water in the church grounds of the church at the exit of Bendillo