Monte Redondo → 3.30 → San Amaro (Geira) → 2.60km → Igrexa da Portela

To end of camino

There’s a café on the camino (San Mauro) that may or may not be open. 

The Road

Almost 3km beyond San Amaro, the Igrexa da Portela is an intriguing, semi-abandoned church (try the side door on the right). Capela de San Xusto is a chapel 2km further on.

After crossing the bridge over the Río Deva, the official tracks lead off the highway to the left for a longer but off-road way into Cortegada. A more direct way is to leave the highway on the right just after the bridge (following a Geira sticker), eventually passing under the road and climbing back up to it for the last 35 minutes into Cortegada.