Os Baños

Caminho da Geira e dos Arrieiros

To end of camino

Portela do Homem


Os Baños



The Road

Shortly after the Roman baths, the camino continues straight while a left turn leads to Os Baños. The town, which has public hot spring rock pools in the Río Caldo that runs through it, contains a restaurant and a bar but no shop. PR As Termas is a camino-friendly budget hotel on the main road between the bar and the restaurant.

Leaving Os Baños, the quickest way is to continue on the road past the restaurant, rejoining the tracks at Vilameá about one kilometre later. The more atmospheric way is to return to the tracks where you left them and walk through the forest on stretches of Roman road and past a moss-covered cruzeiro.

Shortly after Vilameá, take the left (dirt) road at the fork to the mill and bridge. Cross the bridge and soon afterwards take the left fork away from the river and not the right one that follows the course of the river. The small arrow pointing left is easy to miss while the X for another hiking route complicates matters. 

City Map