Campo do Gerês

Caminho da Geira e dos Arrieiros

To end of camino

Veiga de San João


Campo do Gerês


Portela do Homem


Campo do Gerês is the gateway to Portugal’s only national park, Peneda-Gerês. It’s a quaint stone village with several accommodation options. There’s an HI youth hostel that offers a 15 per cent pilgrim discount but it’s inconveniently located south of the village and away from food options, and not as cheap as it could be. Albergaria Stop is better located, has a restaurant and doesn’t cost much more than the hostel for a twin/double room.

The Road

There are no arrows between Campo do Gerês and the border. Walk past the campsite north of town (Parque Cerdeira), and turn right a couple of hundred metres later on a path that soon reaches the dam, with beautiful views. After the first bridge, turn left. Cross the second bridge to admire (and perhaps swim in) some beautiful pools with small waterfalls. To continue on the camino, recross the bridge, go straight on the rocky path for just a few metres until a smaller path becomes visible on the left. Take it and continue north to the border.

City Map