Beade → 3.80 → Berán → 5.00km → Lebosende

To end of camino

A local camino association member, Abdón Fernández, lives in Berán, is keen to help pilgrims and has a stamp. He can be reached (in Spanish) on +34 658 339 835.

The Road

Just after Berán there is a stone sculpture that serves as the 100km to go marker.

There is some confusion about the trail in a forest about 3km past Berán. Shortly before a quarry, the tracks turn right, but there are three arrows pointing straight. Currently (mid-2021), the straight way is being promoted as the recommended path because the path to the right is overgrown and can be difficult to traverse. To take the straight path, go straight through the quarry and then turn right at the road soon after (there are no arrows at either place). This way rejoins the tracks at the church of San Miguel de Lebosende. If in doubt, contact Abdón for the latest information.