Hello! I'm James. I'm an allround web design fanatic

This page is an example of using our theme to tell a story about myself.

Use authentic personal photography and relevant texts because about me pages are for visitors who want to know if there are actually real people behind your site/product.

Our Theme: Creating a revolutionary product

Currently my most important project is designing and developing for our theme! I gave myself the job to not only create the biggest and smartest Drupal theme ever but also create the best theme period. I'm looking at the WordPress themes market and looking for areas where my Drupal based theme can outperform WordPress themes. One area where WordPress is disappointing users is in standardization and interoperability.

Consequently, the drag and drop tools and  elements are not limited to how they're used in the demos. You can enable the drag and drop software on any Drupal entity and you can easily extend it with custom HTML elements, creating your own experience!


Far far away, behind the word mountains

Alphabet Village and the subline of her own road

Work Experience

2008 – One day however a small

2011 - Far far away, behind the word mountains

2012-2013 – The Big Oxmox advised her

Present – Pityful a rethoric question

Connect with me

You can connect with my via the our newsletter and social media. Alternatively you can find my  pages on various professional social media.