Camino San Salvador Mieres to Oviedo | Wise Pilgrim Guide to the Camino de Santiago


Another commercially oriented town, Mieres has all services. The albergue is located outside of town in La Peña.

Cross over the river and into town. If you are not interested in the town, and would rather breeze through it, continue straight after crossing the bridge, through the first major intersection. At the second one (with a large car park on your right) turn Left. You will pass an urban park and at the end of the park you have two options:

1. Carry on straight, turning left at the very end of the road and rejoining the camino.

2. Reconsider your intent to breeze through town, and turn right to visit the Iglesia de San Juan. If you choose this route, just turn left again when you get to the church. The road wraps around the city and meets option 1 very quickly.

1 Hostal Pachín
Escuela de Capataces, 13

2 Hotel Mieres del Camino
Numa Guilhou, 74

Photo in Hotel Mieres del Camino on the Camino de Santiago

El Padrun


There are a bar and a fountain at the top of the climb. Beneath you (by some 200m) runs the A-66.

Just past the bar, turn right to follow a steep concrete track to Casares. Descending to Olloniego, the camino continues along a trail which periodically intersects with the road.


Continue along the main road out of Olloniego, past El Cruce, and over the bridge to El Portazgo.

El Portazgo


El Portazgo is little more of an outpost than a village, in fact the neoclassic building on your left once you cross over the Rio Nalón was originally the toll station where you would pay for the pleasure of doing so.

DO NOT stay on the road here, but look to the left for a pair of mojons which direct you up a steep path. It is about 600m uphill until you emerge on a road with a few houses, turn Left and continue on the road past a multipurpose sports field.

Not far beyond the sports field the camino leaves the road along a narrow path gently to your Right.

Pico de Lanza


All of the steepest climbs are now behind you. From here to Oviedo the camino follows along gently rolling hills.

Venta del Aire


Oviedo is now visible, weather permitting, to your North.



Oviedo is both the beginning and the end of several caminos. Descriptions below are separated.

Arriving along Camino San Salvador:

Shells and arrows will bring you right into the old quarters of Oviedo, passing a plaza and the beautiful Ayuntamiento building.

There is talk of a new certificate which you can claim upon completion of the route, but details of where to find it are not yet sorted out. For now, you are advised to ask in the Cathedral or in the Albergue de Peregrinos.

Leaving along the Camino Primitivo:

If you are starting your camino in Oviedo be sure to leave enough time to visit the Cathedral, which is the origin of the camino itself. It is also the place to pick up your credential (pilgrim passport) which will cost you 2.5€ but will include a visit to the Camara Santa.

The road out of Oviedo is notoriously difficult. To make matters worse, there are too many shells on the ground to be helpful, especially in the center. They mark several of the caminos into town as well, and there is no distinction between the two. If you can get your hands on a city map, you are in good hands.

This is how it is done:

1. With the main facade of the Cathedral to your back, walk to the opposite end of the plaza and take the exit on the right. This is the Calle San Francisco.

2. San Francisco ends when it meets Calle de Uría (350m from Cathedral). Turn right and follow Calle de Uría. For the first 250m, the Park of San Francisco will be on your left. Stay on this road, regardless of arrows or shells. It is about 700m long and ends at the train station.

3. At the train station, turn left along the Calle de la Independencia. Stay on the right-hand side of the road. You will pass 7 cubist looking buildings before the sidewalk turns sharply back to the right. Follow the turn and cross the road towards another cluster of 4 similar buildings with a plaza in front. From here it is safe to follow the arrows.

4. At the end of the plaza is a round about. Cross to the left (clockwise) twice and turn left along the Calle de la Argañosa. When it turns to the left (700m) you should turn towards the right, looking out for the pedestrian bridge which crosses the train tracks.

5. The arrows from here zig zag you through new development which ends quickly. By the time you get to an urban looking track and have left Oviedo behind, you will have covered about 3.6km provided you did not get lost.

Oviedo fades from view quickly and with the exception of the capital of Lugo it is beautiful country walking the whole way. Buen camino!

Photo in Oviedo on the Camino de SantiagoPhoto in Oviedo on the Camino de SantiagoPhoto in Oviedo on the Camino de Santiago
Photo in Oviedo on the Camino de SantiagoPhoto in Oviedo on the Camino de Santiago
Name Beds Price
1 Albergue de El Salvador de Oviedo
Leopoldo Alas, 20

32 5
2 Residencia-Albergue Villa Cecilia
Emigrante, 12

34 10
3 Albergue La Peregrina
Covadonga, 8

32 7