Camino San Salvador La Robla to Poladura de Tercia | Wise Pilgrim Guide to the Camino de Santiago

La Robla


La Robla is the first developed city outside of Leon. In addition to an albergue, there are also hostals and pensions. Avoid those at the entrance to town just over the foot bridge, and continue into the center. There is also a tourist information office near the ayuntamiento if you need a stamp or a glossy brochure.

Hostal Ordóñez de Celis, on your right before the Ayuntamiento, is recommended.

Name Beds Price
1 Hostal Ordoñez de Celis

2 Pensíon Mundo
Gordón Ordás, 9

3 Albergue de La Robla
Mayor, 69

16 Donativo



On the way out of Peredilla, BEFORE you arrive at the road sign indicating the end of town, the camino turns Left along a gravel path and heads towards an underpass for the adjacent roadway. It then meets the rail track and turns to the Right.

Santuario del Buen Suceso


Excellent, and restored, Ermita de Nuestra Señora del Buen Suceso. A good place to pause, fill up with water, and relax.

There is also a truck-stop restaurant with the same namesake just across the road. They are pilgrim friendly and your first opportunity outside of La Robla for a coffee. They might also offer a bed (987 575 585)

From here, continue along the road or the tracks to the next left hand turn. It will take you up a gentle ascent to Nocedo de Gordon.

Nocedo de Gordon


The camino climbs only slightly into Nocedo de Gordon. It does not go into town, but rather take the first Right just at the start of town to follow along the valley.

The river will remain on your right-hand side until you cross over it and into La Pola de Gordon.

La Pola de Gordon


The plaza mayor of La Pola is easily missed. After you cross over the river, turn right. Most pilgrims continue the additional 6km to the albergue in Buiza, but if you wish to stay in La Pola, you have a few options. Stock up on food as there is none available for the next couple of days (apart from restaurants).

When leaving town, keep to your left. The camino does not follow the main road. Instead, it turns off where the guard rail begins.

Several non-albergue options for accommodation listed.

There is also a campsite, the Camping Bosque de Gordón. (http://www. bosquedegordon. com/) Located on the North side of the main road, due East of the city.

1 Hostal Fontañán
la Constitución, 169

2 Pension El Arenal
Arenal, 4

3 Pensión 15 De Mayo
Azorín, 17-1º right

4 Hotel Valle de Gordón
Capitan Lozano, 37

5 Camping Bosque De Gordón
Joaquín Blume




Buiza is your last stop before beginning the more mountainous middle section of the camino. If you plan to stay here, you are advised to bring food as the only bar in town has irregular opening hours.

The camino also splits in the center of town, or at least there are two yellow signs indicating so. The camino proper turns to the left and heads towards Rodiezmo. Rodiezmo itself is not on the camino, but can be if you find the mountain to difficult and would prefer the road. You will still have to get up the mountain, and back down, but if you choose the road, you will avoid going back up the mountain for the final stretch to San Martín.

Don't count on food from the local bar; it only opens in the evenings for drinks.

Name Beds Price
1 Albergue Municipal Camino del Salvador
Antiguas Escuelas de Buiza de Gordón

12 5
2 Casa Rural Finca La Castañona
Las Sierras, 17

Casa Rural

Alto de las Forcadas de San Antón


This alto marks the high point of this day's climbing.

On the way down it is easy to get confused and head towards Rodiezmo. Just past the third rocky outcropping, the path continues straight on to Rodiezmo. The camino itself turns Left.

The last section of the camino into Poladura is a treacherous slog. San Martín is the village just before and there are several easily recognizable paths to get you there. The road between the two cities is short with little traffic.

Poladura de la Tercia


Poladura is a small town. The albergue is located in the former schoolhouse, and the only place to eat is the Posada El Embrujo.

A note of caution on the next section is in order. Between Poladura and the Puerto de Pajares, the camino climbs over 350m through mountainous terrain. It is a stretch of 8km before Arbas and the first sign of civilization. Along the way, the path, and the signs indicating the path are often snow covered well into the summer months.

If you are reading this via your phone, consider loading the GPS track into a suitable program for guidance. Cell phone coverage does not exist along much of the path.

Here is my best attempt to describe the trail:

Leave Poladura along the road. At the first bend to the left, the camino leaves the road to cross a small field. A brown mojon is visible from the road and marks the start of the route.

The first 1.3km go uphill due Northwest and bring you to an opening between two rocky outcroppings.

Another 300m of visible paths and the trail turns to your left, and continues around the hill, and slightly downhill, in a clockwise direction (downhill on your left, uphill on your right). It reaches a low point and begins climbing the next hill to the West.

The trail turns South at around 2.3km and shortly after takes a Right turn, followed by another Right turn 300m on. Another 500m on the well-worn path comes to an end, but the camino continues straight, climbing steeply.

You will reach the high point of the camino 4km from Poladura, at an altitude of 1580m. Markers for the next section are often obscured by ground cover or snow, so be extra attentive. Descend from here, due North-Northwest 300m.

The path turns to the right and then splits. DO NOT continue straight and downhill. DO turn leftwards and begin another climb to another ridge.

Follow the natural curve of the ridge for 600m and turn Left towards the ridge to your West. It is that ridge that you will follow into Arbas.

Name Beds Price
1 Albergue Antiguas Escuelas Poladura de la Tercia

10 Donativo
2 La Posada del Embrujo
El Parque, 4