Camino Ingles from Covas to Ferrol | Wise Pilgrim Guide to the Camino de Santiago



NOTE: The albergue in Covas has been closed by the Xunta in May of 2016. This section therefore should be undertaken with a bit more planning or skipped altogether.

Yellow arrows mark the way to Ferrol but are often confused by the addition of several other trail markers, including purple arrows and another which is a yellow triangle beside two yellow circles.

The distance between Covas and Ferrol is 27.5 km and cannot be divided into two stages; there are bars along the way.

A turn by turn description of the route follows:

From Albergue turn left onto the road, and turn left again at church/cemetery. This will keep you on an asphalt road which will bisect several other roads of different sizes.

Along the way, you will see signs to the Ermida, which you can follow if you want to visit.

At the first "T" junction turn left onto a gravel track. NOTE: This is barely a "T" junction, as there is a road that continues straight but which is only slightly set off from the road you have been on.

Along the way, avoid the temptation to follow the purple arrows and yellow triangle symbols. These sometimes but not always coincide with the camino.

Stay on this gravel track until it arrives at an asphalted intersection in Aldea Vilar.

Photo in Covas on the Camino de Santiago
Name Beds Price
1 Albergue municipal de Covas-Ferrol
Lugar Aldea

18 Donativo Photo in Albergue municipal de Covas-Ferrol on the Camino de Santiago

Aldea Vilar


The dirt track emerges onto an asphalt road, turn right here, and immediately left again.

The yellow arrows are posted on the road signs.

A short distance on the camino turns left along the road, and here begins a long stretch along a hike/bike track.

Photo in Aldea Vilar on the Camino de Santiago

Vila da Eirexa


At the end of the hike/bike path turn right (downhill).

A set of arrows on a utility pole indicate to turn left AND to keep on straight. KEEP ON STRAIGHT, and follow the road towards "Surf Camp."

Playa O Outeiro


The camino will eventually bring you to another pedestrian path which bears right towards the beach, follow it to the end.

The climb from the beach up to the town is relatively steep, but with an elevation gain of only 40m.

Past the town, you descend the same 40m.

O Outeiro (Inglés)


Between O Outeiro and Fonta the camino can become confused. Keep your eyes open for arrows, again remembering to distinguish between the purple and yellow variations.

You will eventually come to a jumble of houses where a road ends, and it is there that the arrows become confused. Your best option is to keep on the road and watch for arrows. From this point, you will begin a series of steep switchbacks.



By the time you reach Fonta, you have already begun a long climb which will peak at 150m. Parts of this stretch are fairly steep.

Once you reach the top, the descent is even steeper, and from the bottom, you will continue to climb and descend several smaller sections before you arrive in San Felipe.

This section follows the coastline and is perhaps the most scenic of the route.

San Felipe


The town of San Felipe, and it's castle, sit on the Northern side of the Ferrol inlet.

The castle is worth a visit, is free and covers a large area.

From here you once again climb and over a steep hill, and on the bottom, you reach A Graña with it's a military installation.

A Graña


Between A Graña and Ferrol, you will pass through several urbanized zones with several options for bars and such.