Camino de Invierno Quiroga to Monforte de Lemos | Wise Pilgrim Guide to the Camino de Santiago



All services. There is an albergue in this town, on the main road. It is not pilgrim specific, but they do have pilgrim prices and large rooms with private baths. Beware large school groups which will keep you up well into the night. Also, you may be interested in getting a stamp at the town Casa de Cultura (free wifi) as the Albergue does not have one.

The walk from Quiroga to Monforte de Lemos is long and short on services along the way. Pack as much as you can, and fill up as often as allows. At certain points along the way the track is vague, poorly marked, coincided with another trail (one of them is marked, ironically, the GR-8), and similarly diverge from other trails without notice. Perhaps there is a man walking his dog who knows the way, perhaps there is not.

Between Quiroga and Monforte de Lemos there are few places to stock up on water, and many places to get lost. Stock up on water as often as you can, and pay close attention to the arrows.

Leaving Quiroga along the main road, cross under the N-120 and follow the country lane (LU-933) which runs along the river.

Photo in Quiroga on the Camino de Santiago
Name Price
1 Albergue de Quiroga
Real, 118




After Espandariz, you will come to a point where this road shares an intersection with the N-120 near the defunct “Euro Club Restaurante” At this point you need to cross the N-120 and turn left up the hill which looks down on the N-120.

A combination of mojons and hand painted green signs will guide the way.



As you climb the road from the abandoned club, ignore the mojon which directs you to the left (and downward) to Noceda. Instead, follow the painted green signs upwards. Continue another 2km.

The camino makes a pair of sharp turns, doubling back on itself (first right then left) to gain altitude. Be on the lookout for the first turn just before km 26.

From that turn, the camino makes more turns and eventually crosses the LU-5005. From here it crosses over the peak and begins it's descent down the other side. It will again approach the LU-5005 but turns to the left just before.

There is another YELLOW/WHITE trail, the PR-G 141, which should be ignored.

Photo in Noceda on the Camino de SantiagoPhoto in Noceda on the Camino de Santiago

A Capela dos Remedios


Small capilla.

Beyond this capilla the Y/W PR-G 141 turns to the Left. DO NOT FOLLOW!Continue straight instead. Down the hill, around a bend, and into Carballo de Lor less than 1km away.

Barxa do Lor / Ponte


There is a sign posted in A Ponte, which illustrates the way to Monforte. There are various routes in these parts, and although most of them will eventually lead you to Castroncelos, only one of them is well marked.

Shortly outside of Barxo, after crossing over the bridge, a trail splits off to the right of the road. DO NOT take that trail, but rather head upwards along the wider road. It will take a few turns, and you may well get the sensation of going the wrong direction as it zigs and zags. Eventually, it will straighten out, and you will once again have the N-120 on your left at the bottom of the hill.

Ignore all signs for the ironical name GR-8.

Photo in Barxa do Lor / Ponte on the Camino de Santiago



When you emerge onto the main road in Cereixa (LU-652) a mojon points to the left. This is a mistake. Keep on straight across the road and towards the church.

Monforte de Lemos


Full services and plenty of historical landmarks to check out. Monforte is the first major city you encounter since leaving Ponferrada, though still not large. Visit the tourist information for an up to date list of accommodation.

From Monforte de Lemos it is a long way before getting to the first town with a bar, Belasar. Pack wisely.

Leave Monforte by crossing the bridge over the river (Avenida de Galicia). Once over the bridge it becomes the Calle de Chantada. Continue until the first roundabout where you will turn towards your left and follow the sign towards “A Vide.” This is the LU-P- 3204. This long and straight asphalt road will take you to A Corga.

Photo in Monforte de Lemos on the Camino de SantiagoPhoto in Monforte de Lemos on the Camino de Santiago
1 Hotel Parador de Monforte de Lemos
Plaza Luis de Góngora y Agorte

Photo in Hotel Parador de Monforte de Lemos on the Camino de Santiago
2 Hotel Puente Romano
Plaza del Malecón

3 Hotel Ribeira Sacra
Conde, 17

Photo in Hotel Ribeira Sacra on the Camino de Santiago
4 Pensión Miño
Conde, 25