Camino de Invierno Puente de Domingo Florez to A Rua | Wise Pilgrim Guide to the Camino de Santiago

Puente de Domingo Flórez


This town has most services, including many atms and friendly locals.

You enter Puente along a trail that descends into town. Once you get to the first road, you have two options. The first is to continue along the camino into town. Go that way if you wish to resupply or see the town. Eventually, though the trail will turn you back around and take you back uphill along the main road. If you are only looking for a bed, however, turn right at the road and you will arrive at a hostal just past the gas station on your left-hand side. This is the only accommodation in town, and they do meals as well.

The way out of town, if you spent the night in the hostal, is "behind" the hostal. Walk around the building to your Left. Follow that road and keep to the right when it splits. Follow the arrows and the signs pointing to Quereño.

An alternate route of equal distance can be made by following the OU-536 to O Barco on the South side of the river Sil. The northern trail (described on the next waypoint) is the preferred trail.

1 Hostal Restaurante La Torre
Chao do Marco

Photo in Hostal Restaurante La Torre on the Camino de Santiago
2 Polideportivo de Puente Domingo Flórez

3 Hostal La Torre II
Chao do Marco

Photo in Hostal La Torre II on the Camino de Santiago

Galicia and Ourense

Crossing over the Rio Sil, you are now in Galicia. You will notice an increase in slate related industries, a shift in the local dialect, and an abundance of Land Rovers.



The bridge over the river which you crossed to get to Quereño marks your arrival in Galicia.

This is a curious town full of people who mean well but do not likely know the land outside of town. You enter town after passing over a bridge and under the train tracks and are immediately faced with a barrage of arrows pointing left, straight, and right. The arrows are all sorts of colors, and the locals will tell you that some are from a recent construction job in the area. From Quereño, you have two choices: Sobradelo along the river, or a longer detour which takes you through Rubia. I walked back and forth through town talking to the same cast of characters numerous times before being tracked down by a young man on a bike whose grandfather knew the way to Sobradelo.

Nobody knew the way to Rubia, but everyone agreed that it would be a long mountain hike, likely in the opposite direction of the directions which follow.

To get to Sobradelo, you need to turn to your left twice. The first will a hard Left just after the train tracks you go under, and the second will be at the first street after that. It is a short distance until you get to a very ugly industrial building (actually the end of a canal and dam which feeds water into a hydroelectric station and the Rio Sil beneath your feet). Take the trail around the building and uphill. It is a pretty good climb here. Once you have begun the climb, keep to the left at the first two forks in the road, and right at the third. The train tracks are running through the tunnel that is beneath you. You will eventually find yourself on a gravel track which runs between a set of train tracks on your right and the River Sil on your left. It is this river which you will follow all the way to O Barco.

Photo in Quereño on the Camino de Santiago



Small with only a few well cared for houses. Natural spring fountain, tasty and cold. No services.



Sobradelo is built on a fairly steep hill. The arrows into town left me choosing to go to the left, downhill into the town. There you will find an ice cream kiosk, pharmacies, a shop, the train station, and banks. More restaurants are located on the other side of the river, which can be crossed via a 7 arch roman bridge. There is also a pool, but there is not an arrow in sight which will get you back to the camino. To do so, look for an opening in the buildings near the kiosk/park which leads to a set of stairs leading steeply upwards. Climb.

At the top turn left and keep on the OU- 0801 out of town.



Although the OU-0801 road will take you all the way to O Barco, there are arrows which take you onto much more scenic trails through the forest. Eventually, you will find yourself back on the road. Keep an eye out for a blue camino sign indicating the way to your left and under the train tracks. Go under and turn to your left where you will take a gravel track (the gravel in these parts is overspill from the train tracks and is not the best to walk on). O Barco is near enough.

O Barco de Valdeorras


All the services you could want in this town. “La Gran Tortuga” is a hostel at number 34 of the main road. Wifi is included, and it was a clean if aged room.

NOTE: The new albergue of Xagoaza is not actually in O Barco, but rather 3.5km out of town to the North. If you wish to stay, contact Gloria at 639 921 679 for her to open up.

Two possible ways out of O Barco.

The most common and well-marked way: Leave O Barco via the main road which goes on for about 2km before arriving at a roundabout. At the roundabout, continue on straight (third turn if you were driving) and under the N-120 overpass. Along the way to Arcos, the impressive Pazo de Arnado is visible across the river.

The alternative on the south side of the river: In O Barco, make your way South to the river. On the eastern side of the village is a pedestrian footbridge that crosses the river. Turn Right at the end of the bridge and cross through a park with small pond. When that path comes to and end, turn sharply left and then sharply right again to stay on parallel to the river. When this path meets the road, turn Right. The road branches to the left, and between these two branches another trail begins. It is this trail that will be the way onward. You will skip Arcos and Vilamartin and instead pass through Arnade with it's impressive Pazo and Valencia do Sil. In Valencia, cross over the dam and turn left. You have now rejoined the camino.

Name Beds Price
1 Polideportivo de O Barco

2 Pensión La Gran Tortuga

3 Albergue de Peregrinos Xagoaza

20 6
4 Hotel Espada 2
Carretera N-120, km 455

Photo in Hotel Espada 2 on the Camino de Santiago
5 Hotel Pazo do Castro
Vila do Castro

Photo in Hotel Pazo do Castro on the Camino de Santiago
6 Pensión do Lar
Penas Forcadas, 26




Vilamartin sits to the North of the N-120, but the albergue is along the river and the camino to the South. If you need to enter Vilamartin for any reason, look for an underpass at the start of town on your right-hand side. Go under and turn Left.

Photo in Vilamartin on the Camino de Santiago
Name Price
1 Albergue de Vilamartín

2 Hostal Marbella
Miguel de Cervantes, 32


A Rúa de Valdeorras


All services, including a pilgrim information office where information on every camino but the invierno can be found. A polideportivo is also available and is well signed along the river.

From here the camino does not offer many services along its 28km stretch. You are advised to stock up on food and water before you go.

Leave A Rúa from the upper part of town near the twin-spired Iglesia de Fontei.

Photo in A Rúa de Valdeorras on the Camino de SantiagoPhoto in A Rúa de Valdeorras on the Camino de Santiago
Name Beds Price
1 Casa da Solaina

11 11
2 Polideportivo de Rua de Valdeorras

3 Pension Fabio Sanchez
Progreso, 202

4 Casa Rural Pacio do Sil
Xestal, 33

Casa Rural
Photo in Casa Rural Pacio do Sil on the Camino de Santiago
5 Pensión Fabio
Progreso, 202