Camino de Invierno A Rua to Quiroga | Wise Pilgrim Guide to the Camino de Santiago

A Rúa de Valdeorras


All services, including a pilgrim information office where information on every camino but the invierno can be found. A polideportivo is also available and is well signed along the river.

From here the camino does not offer many services along its 28km stretch. You are advised to stock up on food and water before you go.

Leave A Rúa from the upper part of town near the twin-spired Iglesia de Fontei.

Photo in A Rúa de Valdeorras on the Camino de SantiagoPhoto in A Rúa de Valdeorras on the Camino de Santiago
Name Beds Price
1 Casa da Solaina

11 11
2 Polideportivo de Rua de Valdeorras

3 Pension Fabio Sanchez
Progreso, 202

4 Casa Rural Pacio do Sil
Xestal, 33

Casa Rural
Photo in Casa Rural Pacio do Sil on the Camino de Santiago
5 Pensión Fabio
Progreso, 202




Shortly before the town of Alvaredos you leave Ourense behind and enter Lugo. 

Montefurado (invierno)


A trail leads from here to Hermidon, but from there onward the camino follows the road all the way to Bendillo.



All services. There is an albergue in this town, on the main road. It is not pilgrim specific, but they do have pilgrim prices and large rooms with private baths. Beware large school groups which will keep you up well into the night. Also, you may be interested in getting a stamp at the town Casa de Cultura (free wifi) as the Albergue does not have one.

The walk from Quiroga to Monforte de Lemos is long and short on services along the way. Pack as much as you can, and fill up as often as allows. At certain points along the way the track is vague, poorly marked, coincided with another trail (one of them is marked, ironically, the GR-8), and similarly diverge from other trails without notice. Perhaps there is a man walking his dog who knows the way, perhaps there is not.

Between Quiroga and Monforte de Lemos there are few places to stock up on water, and many places to get lost. Stock up on water as often as you can, and pay close attention to the arrows.

Leaving Quiroga along the main road, cross under the N-120 and follow the country lane (LU-933) which runs along the river.

Photo in Quiroga on the Camino de Santiago
Name Price
1 Albergue de Quiroga
Real, 118