6.20km → Alvaiázere → Laranjeiras
To Santiago: 

A small town but with plenty of services, it is the first in a while that has suburban sprawl (however minor it is).

The detour turns left at the start of town and goes downhill to the main road, where it turns right. Two streets later it turns right and goes back up the hill where you just came from. At the top it turns left at a new roundabout, following the yellow bike path. At the ‘lower’ part of town you will pass a cafe, restaurant, and mini-market.

Along the bike path at the "upper" part of town you will find O’Bras, and at the end of the road is the church and albergue (with laundromat beneath) as well as a restaurant.


There is a new development in Alvaiazere that requires a detour. It takes you a bit out of your way but has the benefit of taking you past everything you might need. See the map for an idea of how crooked the path through town is. 

The Road: 

There are several roads out of town, but the camino is well marked. Still, pay close attention to the arrows and if you are a pre-dawn walker, you are advised to check it out in advance.

Leave town by way of the road in front of the church, turning right at a large palm tree.


The names of Alvaiázere, and Alvorge further along the camino (as well as a great deal of other words beginning with "al-", both derive from Arabic. In the case of Alvaiázere it derives from ‘the falconer’ and in the case of Alvorge it comes from ‘the tower’. The tower is...


Medical Center: 
Photo in Alvaiázere on the Camino de SantiagoPhoto in Alvaiázere on the Camino de SantiagoPhoto in Alvaiázere on the Camino de Santiago
Photo in Alvaiázere on the Camino de Santiago
Accommodation in Alvaiázere