Collado de Lepoeder → 3.90km → Roncesvalles [Orreaga] → Burguete [Auritz]
Puerto de Ibañeta → 1.60km → Roncesvalles [Orreaga] → 2.60km → Burguete [Auritz]
To Santiago: 

The popular dinner spot is Casa Sabina, and you’ll want to put your name on the list (at their bar) in advance. The dining room sees pilgrims from the world over sat down at random to fill the tables. Half are about to start their walk, beginning here, the other half just came off the mountain. The length of their stride tells them apart.

It doesn’t take much to see the whole town, but nearly every building is a treasure of some kind.

Nearest the albergue is the Iglesia de Santa Maria, where a pilgrim Mass and benediction is held daily at 8pm (6pm on weekends). The Real Colegiata de Santa María de Roncesvalles is also not to be missed, but the... (continued in Camino App and Book)


Dia de la Virgen de Roncesvalles is celebrated every year on September 8th. Romerías (a local piligrimage) are held on the Sundays of May and June, and the Wednesday before the 8th of September.

The Road: 

The camino leaves along a footpath to the west of the main road (your right hand side), pressing deeper into the forest before returning to the road as it approaches Burguete.


Roncesvalles is the setting for the epic battle of Charlemagne and Roland, where they were ambushed (by whom is unclear, perhaps the Muslims, perhaps the Basques). Roland perished and a legend was born. Centuries later the church would capitalize on the name, and the abbey here controlled a...


Roncesvalles [Orreaga] - Camino de Santiago - 1Roncesvalles [Orreaga] - Camino de Santiago - 1Roncesvalles [Orreaga] - Camino de Santiago - 1