Honto [Huntto] → 2.30km → Orisson → Virgen de Biakorri
To Santiago: 

Orisson is a common stopping point for pilgrims wishing to split the walk over the pass into more manageable sections.


If you arrive here late in the day don’t just pass on by. Drop in and inquire about the weather, and if you choose to continue on make it clear to somebody that you are doing so. If it is anywhere near nightfall (within 5 hours), stay here.


Orisson - Camino de Santiago - 1
Accommodation in Orisson


Camino de Santi... (not verified) said:

Great place to stay. This was a welcome stopping point before going over the mountain.

We walked with the friends we made at dinner for the entire Camino. This fellowship alone makes the stay worthwhile.

We stayed in the private cottage out back. No electricity and the restroom is inside the main building. It’s a long walk in the dark for the restroom.

I understand they do not have internet at the facility. If you make reservations wait several days then check your spam folder for replies. The staff is very friendly.

Camino de Santi... (not verified) said:


place, amazing stuff, amazing view, delicious food.
Can't recommend enough!