Orio | Wise Pilgrim Guidebooks for the Camino de Santiago
10.10km → Orio → Zarautz
To Santiago: 

Orio has a pretty small center, as it is stuck between the river and the hills. The primary industry in these parts is still fishing and the specialty in Orio is grilled bream. In centuries past pilgrims crossed the river here by boat.


The Day of the Fishermen, San Pedro, is celebrated on the 29th of June. The patron of Orio, San Nicolás de Bari, is celebrated on the 6th of December.

The Road: 

The camino reaches the riverfront and turns left (inland) towards the nearest bridge over the river. Once across the bridge, it turns right to follow the N-634 a short distance. Where the road bends left, the camino exits to the right to follow the waterfront and the Portua. Stay along the road...


The local church is dedicated to San Nicolas de Bari, patron of fishermen and a well known Saint among pilgrims.