Zarautz | Wise Pilgrim Guidebooks for the Camino de Santiago
5.50km → Zarautz → Getaria
Zarautz → 3.80km
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The beach in Zarautz, which is not on the marked camino, is the longest beach in the Basque country. This Queen of Beaches as it is known is the largest tourism draw to the town and every Summer the city fills with thousands of surfers who come to compete. The palaces that once lined the beach have all been replaced by apartment blocks but the fort-like Iglesia de Santa Maria la Real still stands. Adjacent to it is the Torre de los Zarautz which is both the bell tower and Museum of Art and History.


Zarautz is a popular event town and plays host to several surfing competitions and bike races throughout the summer. Both can put a crunch on the number of beds available.


January: San Sebastián on the 20th, as well as a few wine celebrations throughout the month.
February: Santa Águeda, patroness of the Basque Country, on the 4th. The town also celebrates Carnaval.
May: Santa Marina is celebrated on the 21st.
June: San Pelayo from the 25th to the 27th.
July: Santiago on the 25th.
August: Santa Clara on the 12th, and the Virgen from the 14th to the 16th.
September: Semana Vasca, or Basque Week, from the 1st to the 9th.

The Road: 

The marked way through Zarautz is along the Nafarroa Kalea, about two blocks from the waterfront and parallel to it. As an alternative, you can turn right towards the beach and follow it to the end of town.

Leaving Zarautz can be a confusing affair and the local information...


Very little of Zarautz’s famed fishing past remains. The men here were the dominant whalers of their time until the whales disappeared from the Bay of Biscay. During the 19th century, when seaside palaces were the rage, the bourgeoisie built them here along the promenade.