Munitibar | Wise Pilgrim Guidebooks for the Camino de Santiago
4.00km → Munitibar → Olabe
To Santiago: 

If you ask the locals, or don’t since they will none-the-less volunteer their opinion, Munitibar is the very heart of the Basque country. It kind of feels that way too.


January: San Vicente on the 22nd.
June: San Pedro on the 29th.
July: San Cristobal on the 10th.
September: Nuestra Señora de Gerrikaitz on the 8th.

The Road: 

After crossing the main square in Munitibar, the camino turns left at the church to follow the main road out of town, though only for a short distance. Less than 50m beyond the river it turns left up a side road, climbing up to and beyond the Ermita de Santiago. From the ermita it...


The old trading routes once passed through here, sending wool and wine from Logroño up to the sea while hauling back fish on the return trip.


Accommodation in Munitibar