Wise Pilgrim Guides

Now in print!

From Pilgrim

to Programmer

to Publisher,

What a journey it has been.

When I set off to walk the Camino de Santiago in 2003 I never expected that I would return the following year.  Or the year after that.  It has been 15 years of walking now and along the way I kept a lot of notes. In 2008 I launched the first online edition of the Wise Pilgrim guides, back then limited to only the Camino Francés.  In 2012 I launched the same guide as the first ever camino app, and it was followed by 9 more guides that covered many routes to Santiago. Now, at the passionate urging of the pilgrims who celebrate the apps, the Camino Francés Guide is available in Analog.


Following hot on the heels of the Camino Francés Book (your support and praise are greatly appreciated), I am on the verge of wrapping up the book version of the Camino Portugues; which will include the Central and Coastal ways.  It is available now for pre-order from the Camino Forum Shop at a slightly lower than regular price.


The Camino del Norte Book is next, and is schedule for publication the second week of August.


The Camino Forum Shop just announced new shipping rates for guidebooks, which means a huge savings all around; 4€ for worldwide shipping.

Now for a bit about the books, and the goodies within.


Small Scale City Maps

And lots of them.  Close to 100 small city maps, which cover the basics and give the location of all accommodation options. A map of a village of 200 people might seem excessive at first, but after a long day of walking the last thing you want to do is go wandering about to find a bed or pharmacy.  



Large Scale Maps

Notice that I did not call the “Stage Maps,” and for good reason.  The stages presented in most guidebooks, while clearly optional, become a nuisance when you choose to stop in the middle of one.  The distances get all jumbled up and the next thing you know you are asking around for a calculator. There are 26 maps at the start of the book, and they allow you to scan and plan.  Distances are easy to read, and the most relevent services are noted. Oh, and North is always at the top.

Alternative Routes

Where the camino splits, I have included an additional map to show just that section.

Quality Elevation Profile

The elevation profile was honed from the one in the app, and reversed to match the printed page.  Then it was exaggerated ever so slightly to make sure that the changes in elevation were clear. The elevation profile is set into the large scale map pages, so you can compare terrain and trail together.




Accommodation of every type

The directory includes albergues and hotels alike.  They are categorized by private vs shared accommodation, and separated by type (hotel, pension, parador, etc). In total there are over 900 properties. A Special mention is made for properties that serve family style dinners or have vegetarian options.  Properties that can be reserved online are also noted.

A bit of history.  Some legends.  A few miracles.

Not too much, not too little, just enough.  I’ve tried to add a bit of historical context to the surroundings, but this is not a history book.

Practical Trail Advice

Mentions of deviations, places to watch out for, dangerous crossings, that kind of stuff.  

The Technical Specifications

It has been sized to fit into the usual backpack slots, and most back pockets:

  • Height: 18.5cm
  • Width: 11.5cm
  • Thickness: 1cm
  • Weight: 230g
  • Total pages, about 176