About Wise Pilgrim Guides | Wise Pilgrim Guidebooks for the Camino de Santiago


What a journey it has been.

When I set off to walk the Camino de Santiago in 2003 I never expected that I would return the following year.  Or for years after that.

It has been 15 years of walking now and along the way I kept a lot of notes. In 2008 I launched the first online edition of the Wise Pilgrim guides, back then limited to only the Camino Francés.  In 2012 I launched the same guide as the first ever camino app, and it was followed by 9 more guides that covered many routes to Santiago.

Now, at the passionate urging of the pilgrims who celebrate the apps, the Camino Francés and the Camino Portugués Guides are available in Analog... and the Camino del Norte is coming soon.